Estimated Annual Technology Budget: 75913.69339434

Employees: 5


Estimated Locations:  1

Social Profiles:  Twitter (Twitter Followers: 1429

Company Websites:,,,,

Company Contact Numbers: 61871230823, 6623561111, 85563760280, 85586214666, 6623659110, 6675626888, 6627182000, 94344641464, 94114626626, 61399784900

Company Specialties: Internet,Technology,Travel & Leisure,Marketplace,B2C

Business Sector: Information Technology

Main Industry Group: Software & Services

Industry Category: Internet

SIC Code: |87|

NAICS Code: |54|

Headquarters: R. Júlio César Machado 9 1250-096 Lisboa Portugal

Company Timezone: Europe/Lisbon

Global Alexa Ranking: 272773

Annual Revenue: 349570

Company Type: private

Company Overview: Avani Hotels & Resorts will open the way to have the most exhilarating experience book hotel online and entangled in joyous memories for a lifetime. Official Site.


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Avani Hotels & Resorts
Address: 18th Floor New York, NY 10110
Local Population: 0
Local Natural Disasters: Severe Thunderstorm Warning in NYC and Southern NY State,Severe Thunderstorm Warning Update in New York,Severe Thunderstorm Warning in Eastern Virginia,Tornado Warning in NYC and Southern NY State,3.6 Earthquake on 10/19/1985
Estimated Tenants In Building: 1

Email Services: Office 365 (Total Outages: 91)

DNS Provider:  DNS Made Easy

Analytics:  Facebook-Domain-Insights

Name Server:

General Technology Data:  Google Site Verification

    - Because AVANI Hotels & Resorts uses Facebook-Domain-Insights for their website analytics, you may want to explore options that can improve website performance (Click here for more strategy ideas).

    - AVANI Hotels & Resorts is already using Office 365, so you may want to discuss data backup and UCaaS integrations with AVANI Hotels & Resorts (Click here for more strategy ideas).